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The centre is open from 0900h to 1600h each week day. However, everyone is welcome to come outside those hours and enjoy the outdoor facilities such as the tennis court or the children's playground. If you're stuck waiting for your partner to finish work (and who hasn't had that happen?), bring the kids up and let them run all that energy off while you relax on the patio with a book.

Toilet facilities and cold water are available at all times.

Please remember to turn off the lights and fans if you come after dark.


Weekly events

  • JP Drop In Service - Every Monday from 1330h to 1530h
  • Spouse/Partner Gym Session Babysitting - Every Tuesday and Thursday from 0900h to 1100h
  • Evening Spouse Exercise Classes- Yoga- Every Monday from 1800 to 1900h, cost is $5
  • Barracks Boot Camp Training- Tuesdays and Thursday from 1800 to 1900h. $5 per week.
  • Evening Spouse Exercise Classes- Metafit + Stretch- Every Wednesday from 1800 to 1900h, cost is $5
  • Mums 'n' Bubs - Every Wednesday from 0930h
  • Craft Group- Every Wednesday from 0930h
  • CamKids Playgroup - Every Friday from 0930h